Quality certification system in Agrotourism

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Activities implemented within the CerTour project during May 2013 - May 2015

1. Study of the current status

1.1 Study of the current status in the project regions

1.2 Study of customers’ needs and expectations

1.3 Gap analysis

1.4 Good practices research (international level)

1.5 Development of a good practices database

The aim is to improve the services provided in the agrotourism sector in the project area by creating a framework of quality standards to which the local businesses should conform in order to be assessed and certified. Main aim of this activity is to explore and understand the level of services provided in the partners’ regions and to recognize the customers’ needs and expectations. Having in mind that in some other countries/regions, outside of the programme area, such "quality approach" of agrotourism is much more systematic, this activity will further attempt to find, collect and record best practices in international level in order to learn from others' experiences.

2. Design of a common standard for agrotourism

2.1 Design and creation of the common standard-framework

2.2 Joint trainers training programme

2.3 Adaptation of the common standard-framework - Local standards composition

2.4 Establishment of the local certification schemes

2.5 Local implementation - Certifications

2.6 Experience exchange - Study visits

The aim is to create a common framework of quality standards in the agrotourism sector in the participating countries, adapted to the local conditions and specificities. This framework will be implemented on a pilot basis in agrotourism businesses in the entire project area in order to create the necessary critical mass of certified enterprises that will assure its sustainability.

3. Common promotion plan

3.1 Network creation

3.2 Common and local promotion plans

3.3 Basic common promotion elements design (corporate identity, logo, slogan etc.)

The aim is to ensure the sustainability of the results of the project. This aim will be achieved by creating a sustainable network of partners, providing useful marketing tools for the promotion of the new "quality approach" to the agrotourism in the project area.

4. Visibility of the Action

4.1 Brochure promoting the project

4.2 Project web site development, maintenance & hosting

4.3 Project book and CD

4.4 Local project promotion and dissemination of the results

4.5 Results presentation international conference

The aims are to communicate the Action to the organizations and the public in the project area. The main objective is to highlight the necessity for the improvement of the quality of the agrotourism services provided and to motivate the local/regional businesses to start their quality journey. The target group of the visibility plan includes Local Authorities and other Public entities, private enterprises and employees in the agrotourism sector, customers (visitors, tourists) as well as individuals, being interested in the projects' content.

5. Management and Coordination of the Action

5.1 Kick-off meeting

5.2 Steering committee meetings

5.3 Coordination

5.4 Financial management, internal audit and reporting

5.5 Expenditure verification

5.6 Evaluation of the project results

The aim is to have a project well managed, coordinated and controlled which achieves its general and specific objectives without problems or delays.

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