Quality certification system in Agrotourism

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Defining agrotourism in the project area

Agrotourism (or agritourism, or rural tourism) is the form of tourism which capitalizes on rural culture as a tourist attraction.

Although there is not a global definition, it can be said that it is a form of tourism that combines primary elements and characteristics of agriculture and tourism and provides an experience for visitors that stimulates economic activity and impacts both farm and community income.

Nowadays, agrotourism has been recognized as an important alternative type of tourism, generating a significant supplementary income for the population of rural areas, leading to regional and rural development, but also being a business venture of travel and tourism professionals.

Problems related to agrotourism

  • There are many problems in the agrotourism sector in the Black sea area and the Region Anatoliki Makedonia-Thraki:
  • the infrastructure is usually poor and doesn’t correspond to customers’ expectations;
  • human capital of the agrotourism is generally not well trained and experienced, so a lack of skilled professionals and workers is appearing; the quality of services is not assured.
  • there are no quality standards and, in most cases, there is not any classification system;
  • the agrotourism product of the region is not promoted;
  • there are no customers' satisfaction surveys reported, so the agrotourism SMEs do not undertake improvement initiatives in a systematic manner.

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