Quality certification system in Agrotourism

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Quality Certification System in Agrotourism – CerTour Project

Joint Operational Programme „Black Sea Basin 2007-2013
financed from European Union Funds

Implementation period: May 2013 – May 2015

Main applicant and coordinator: Municipality of Xanthi, Greece

Total cost of the project: 529 648 EUR (90% represents EU contribution)

Partner 1: Black Sea Economic Centre, Bulgaria

Partner 2: “Ecotourism Association” NGO, Armenia

Partner 3: International Centre for Social Research and Policy Analysis, Georgia

Partner 4: Suruceni Town Administration, Republic of Moldova

Partner 5: Regional Fund for the Support of the Entrepreneurship of Zaporоzhye region, Ukraine

Overall objective of CerTour:

To promote the agrotourism in the partners' regions and to improve the quality of the services provided by introducing a common specific quality standard and a certification process

Specific objectives:

    1.The design and development of the common standard-framework and its adaptation to the local specific conditions

    2.The design and establishment of a common assessment and certification process

    3.The creation of a high level transnational group of experts that will be able to support the local businesses and to apply the whole process in the partner's regions (multiplier effect)

    4.The pilot application of the standard and certification scheme in several enterprises in the agrotourism sector that will improve their services and they will act as role models in their areas (multiplier effect)

    5.The exchange of knowledge, experiences and best practices between the partners involved in the Action (cross-border impact)

    6.The achievement of a strong interregional partnership and cooperation (cross-border impact) by creating a network that will manage the application of the standardization process in the future and promote the whole initiative in international level

    7.The wide spread of the results and the public awareness

    8.The excellent management, coordination and control of the Action in order its general and specific objectives to be achieved without problems or delays.

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