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Steering committee meeting in Zaporizhzhya - Ukraine, 11-12 September 2015

From 11th - 12th of September 2015 was held Steering committee meetingunder the CerTour project in Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine

Participants at the meeting, representatives of the partner organizations from Ukraine, Greece,Bulgaria, Georgia, Armenia and Moldova have been discussing the perspectives and challenges related to the adaptation and application of CerTour Quality Model.

Organizer of the eventwas Regional Fund for the Support of the Entrepreneurship of Zaporizhzhya region, Ukraine.

The first day of the conference started with the welcome speech from Head of Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration Mr. Gregory Samardak (in press center of Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration).

Nextstepswerein the hotel "Intourist" with presentation: “The current state of agrotourism and ways of development in Zaporizhzhya region” from General Director of the State organization “Regional Fund for the Support of the Entrepreneurship of Zaporizhzhya region” Mr. Volodymyr Stepanenko.

Thenactivitieswere in the office of the “RFSE”.Therepartners hadan opportunity to discussion of the next steps of the CerTour projectand revieweddetailed working plan of the last semester, financial issues and project leader’s advices.

The second day was devoted to visiting of the green homestead “Cossacks’ camp” and visiting of the green homestead “AQUAZOO-PETROPOL”.

This project is operated in Zaporizhzhya region for two years and is aimed at promoting agrotourism, organization of self-employment of the rural population, exchange of experience, knowledge and practices among partners, and improve the quality of agrotourism services.

The overall results of the event:
- Ukrainian partners demonstrated their leading property of the project and presented objects of green tourism, seeking to get quality certificate of international standard.
- All partners told about problems and achieve in their regions and countries in agrotourism.
- Developed the next steps of the project.

After two days of conferences, partners from Armenia and Moldova visited the facilities of green tourism in Zaporizhzhya region under the framework of the study visit.

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